Reliable installation and service

Conditions and working methods within industry are often specific to that particular industry. Awareness of safety risks and how solutions and systems will be used in practice is therefore important in performing qualitative work. We have the specific knowledge required and can ensure that the installation is both adapted to the operations and will continue to perform over time, regardless of whether the work is done above or below ground.

Service & maintenance

We know the electrical power demands of modern day industries above and below the ground. Operational reliability over time and maintenance during operation are therefore obvious parts of our work. Through troubleshooting, corrections, and preventive measures, we make sure that your solution continues to deliver, Today and in the future.

Energy sector

As society evolves, the demand for wind power and hydropower is increasing within both the private sector and the industrial sector. With the extensive knowledge of the industry possessed by our fitters, we deliver reliable installations that meet the increased energy demands.

Mining sector

The extreme environment of the mining industry requires knowledge about the risks and preconditions involved. Our experience and expertise within pumping, ventilation and hoisting systems, as well as methods and equipment for complex installations in for example vertical shafts, are unique to the industry and represent just some aspects of our broad range of competence.

Do you want to know how we provide complete solutions?

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