Dannemora Mineral AB, Dannemoragruvan

Substations, Shaft Hoist units (personnel and materials), Pump Automation, Power installations

For a period of 2 years, we drained the previously flooded, historic iron oremine in Dannemora outside Österbybruk. We entered into a partnership with ITT (Xylem) for this project where they were responsible for the expertise regarding pumps and water management, while we were responsible for electric power, control and automation.

– The project consisted of many different parts, normally we deliver and install the equipment which is then handed over to the customer. In this case, however, there was ongoing installation work in parallel with the operation and maintenance of the equipment during the project period. As we drained the shaft and mining levels, these were electrified by our custom-made underground Substations.
These stations were transported down via the shaft with our Shaft Hoist units. In parallel with the water draining project, a new surface access ramp was also mined down to the existing ramp system in the old mine, the electrical installations for this was also included in our scope, says Installation Manager Andreas Ådén at Boliden Electro.

Together with ITT (Xylem) we drained the flooded mine from a total of 5´600´000 m³ of water, we handed over a fully operational infrastructure for electricity and water management in shafts and ramps.
Apart from several kilometers of cable and generic materials, it covered essentially:

  • 24pcs Underground substations 20/1, 0/0, 4kV of various sizes and purpose.
  • Tailored Shaft Hoist units for personnel transportation during the project.
  • Tailored Shaft Hoist units for material transportation during the project.
  • Pump automation panels, Production power outlet- and distribution panels

Boliden Electro AB carried out all design, calculations and construction work relating to both electrical and civil works of our scope, as well as the installation and connection of the electrical equipment.

Area of expertise: Installation, Automation, Electric power
Solution/Product: Services, Substations
Form of contract: Consortium, Turn-key solution
Start: 2009
Finished: 2011
Reference person Customer: Stig Johansson, Dannemora Mineral AB

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