Powerful development since 1928

After gold was discovered in Boliden in the mid-1920s, a mine was established and high demands for electricity soon arose. This prompted the formation of what has long been called the electrical assistance departments within Bolidens Gruvaktiebolag. Mining operations soon went underground and during the 1940s, electricity consumption continued to increase. Over the years, the electrical departments continued to develop extensive expertise in everything from signal systems to high voltage and complete electrical infrastructure.

After a long period of success, the Swedish mining industry found itself in crisis in the mid-1990s. As part of an extensive savings program, Boliden sold all its assistance departments to the company Industriteknik Nord AB, with BPA as the principal owner. The new owners also felt the effects of the 1990s financial crisis and part of BPA was bought up by PEAB. PEAB quickly became the majority shareholder in Industriteknik and then went on to take over the entire business in 1998 and incorporate it into the subgroup Maintech Industripartner.

In the early 2000s, PEAB also underwent restructuring, and the Maintech group was liquidated in 2002. Industriteknik gained new local owners and experienced an upswing during most of the 2000s. In 2008 the business changed its name to Contector AB, which later came to be hit hard by the financial crisis. The construction company Bergteamet therefore acquired the company in 2010 and the former electrical department became their own division under the name Bergteamet Electro.

Following a period of recession in the Swedish mining industry, Bergteamet decided in 2014 to re-focus on its core business. A dialogue began with the division management for Electro, and in August 2014 the division was remade into the independent enterprise Boliden Electro AB. In conjunction with this, a real estate deal was concluded wherein Bergteamet’s headquarters in Boliden became the new place of business of Boliden Electro. With this, Electro left the old mining area where it had been since the 1920s and a new era in our history began.

Today our focus is still on the mining sector, but also on the energy sector. Our goal is to cater to our customers’ needs, strengthen their competitiveness, and increase their profitability through innovation and accountability. Our story is not over yet and we continue to evolve in step with the industry, society and our customers.

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