Responsibility for quality and environment

Quality policy

  • Our deliveries meet the quality requirements of the customer.
  • We plan and oversee our operations to ensure this quality.
  • Our quality perspective applies to the entire organization, which includes suppliers and subcontractors where applicable.
  • We work to ensure continuous improvement through systematic feedback on experiences and viewpoints from the organization and customers.

Expertise | Quality | Capacity

Our customers shall be confident that Boliden Electro can deliver the expertise, quality and capacity required for the assignments we undertake. Our employees shall understand the meaning of this motto and, based on their duties, endeavor to make sure that the end result satisfies the customer’s and our own quality requirements. Therefore, it is these requirements that drive the business, and thus we can say that Boliden Electro is a quality-driven company.

Environmental policy

  • Our actions in environmental matters shall create added value both for us and for our customers.
  • Our ambition is to become a role model in the markets where we operate.
  • We are committed to the economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of our business.
  • We assume responsibility for the future through working to ensure continuous improvements, utilizing innovation and alternative solutions, and we safeguard the efficient use of both finite and renewable resources. To achieve this, we work actively with our environmental plan in which our environmental goals are formulated.

Systematic processes

Much of our operations are conducted in environments that are directly or potentially damaging to our environment. Certain input materials or components may also contain substances that are harmful in free form. As a result of our field of activity, our products – and other input materials – also contain metals that constitute finite resources. This places special demands on both procedures and employees. Preventive and forward-looking measures are therefore an essential part of our systematic environmental work. An important element of this work is to develop the environmental thinking of each employee so that practical action, both in and outside of the workplace, entails an environmentally conscious approach to an ecologically sustainable society.

As part of our environmental work, there is a constant evaluation of the products and working methods used, where environmentally friendly alternatives are prioritized when such exist and resource-efficient production is pursued where possible. A significant part of this work involves the disposal and recycling of leftover materials during and after different project stages. In keeping with our business concept, we also design, develop and install energy-saving elements whenever possible.

Transparency, security and accountability

We maintain an open dialogue on the potential environmental impact of our services, operations and products. We comply with applicable laws, regulations and permits. We work preventatively and implement measures to reduce our environmental impact, and we conduct advance analysis on how changes in our operations can affect the environment.
Within the framework of our systematic environmental and work environment initiatives, our goal is to meet or exceed all legislative requirements and applicable standards at all times. In several area, we welcome more stringent supervision by both clients and the authorities that may lead to a restriction on disreputable business practices.
Regardless of whether the work is conducted in our own facilities or out at a customer’s premises, sorting at source and safe storage of harmful material shall be observed until such a time as approved contractors can transport this for recycling or destruction. The company’s environmental coordinator regularly checks compliance with the company’s environmental policy.

Knowledge and communication

We work to maintain a high level of knowledge, and we engage external advisors when the right knowledge is not found internally. Overall, this will assist in making informed decisions that benefit the environment, our customers and the company. All employees shall have sufficient information and training to ensure the effectiveness of the environmental work. As part of our environmental work, the environmental plan will be continuously revised following implemented improvements, or whenever new laws and regulations pertaining to the operations enter into force. All employees shall be regularly informed about the company’s environmental work and any changes that are relevant to the individual’s actions.

Work environment and psychosocial factors

In addition to the external environment, work environment issues, rehabilitation measures and psychosocial factors that may affect the wellbeing of the staff shall be given the required attention in the organisation. In addition to a comprehensive occupational health service, where all staff undergo periodic health check-ups, various types of wellness initiatives shall be regularly implemented with the goal of stimulating a health-conscious lifestyle.

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