Boliden Mineral AB, Renströmsgruvan

Incoming Switchgear 36KV, Transformers, 10kV distribution Switchgear

On July 30th, 2015, during holiday periods with reduced staff all over Scandinavia a fire erupted in the Incoming Switchgear at Renströmsgruvan (Renström mine). Boliden Mineral’s Electrical Maintenance Manager at the mine instinctively chose to turn to us at Boliden Electro since we’ve for decades been a faithful and competent partner in mining power supply.

– We had a somewhat hectic start in this project, when something as dramatic as a fire erupts, with the result that the mine at an instant is left without electrical power. So, vacations were cancelled, and the work started immediately after the call came to us, our large contact network was put to a serious test and came through in a major way. It was very much thanks to that in combination with our expertise, our integrity and commitment to the industry that we had the mine in full operation again 120 hours after the fire alarm went off in the first place. And all things taken into account, weekends, vacation periods etc, I am very proud of the people involved and their achievement, says CEO of Boliden Electro Jens Holmqvist.

The aftermath was that we received an RFQ for a new replacing Switchgear for the main feed of the Mine. We won this bid in competition with several European competitors and had the privilege to design, build, deliver and perform the commissioning of the new E-house, switchgear, and the associated 36/10kV transformers including a Concrete Pad able to support the weight of the +30t transformers , Tap-changing equipment and Neutral Ground Reactors.
The 90 m² E-house that we designed and delivered is built to withstand Arctic climate, has an internal ceiling height of 3m, has 4 individual access openings from outside and is divided into 5 separate rooms:

  • 2pcs 10kV Switchgear rooms, housing 22pcs air insulated 10kV switchgear units.
  • 1pcs 36kv Switchgear rooms, housing 4pcs 36kV switchgear units.
  • 1pcs DC-room, housing batteries and charging equipment for 110VDC
  • 1pcs Engineering room, housing Communication & Remote operations equipment.

The Transformers are of Cast resin type, the Neutral Ground Reactors are oil immersed, which is why the Concrete Pad was designed with an oil containment system.

– This project was delivered as a turnkey solution by Boliden Electro AB in close cooperation with the customer. We hired subcontractors for the roof assembly combining the 2 E-houses on site, the dozing and casting work on site at the mine.

With our own personnel we carried out Design, Calculations and Construction work regarding all Electrical and Civil works as well as carried out the general Electrical installation and connection of the electrical equipment.

Area of expertise: Electric power, Installation
Solution/Product: E-house
Contract: Turn-key
Start: 2015-10 (Part 1:2015/10-2016/08, Part 2: 2018/04-2019/06)
Finished: 2019/06
Reference person Customer: Lars Grönfeldt, Boliden Mineral AB

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