Boliden Mineral AB, Concentrator Plant

Switchgear 10KV, Steel Structures

Boliden Mineral was to replace their distribution Switchgear with operating voltage 10kV as feeding all 10/0,4kV substations of the Concentrator Plant in Boliden. We submitted a quote and were awarded the project in competition with most major players in the market.

The switchgear to be replaced consisted of 18 air-insulated Duplex-switchgear units that were placed in an extension builing, located on the north side of the Concentrator Plant. The exchange from the old to the new switchgear was to be carried out during one of the two scheduled week-long maintenance stops of the Plant. The idea was that the new switchgear would be installed, then energized via one of the existing, redundant feeds of the old switchgear and fully tested. And then during the maintenance stop, we’d splice the existing outgoing cables, test and then connect to the new switchgear as the old switchgear gradually was taken out of service.

No vacant space was available within existing buildings, which meant that a new building had to be built for the new switchgear with ancillary equipment. Since there was (and still is) a shortage of ground surface where such a building could be placed, we presented a solution with a steel construction that enabled an E-house, containing the new switchgear equipment right above the old building. The customer accepted this solution and procured the work as a turnkey contract with us as a supplier.

The delivery consisted of a steel frame with staircases and landings, on which the E-house was then placed. Four and a half meters above ground level, right on top of the existing building. The 89 m ² E-house that we designed and delivered is built to withstand Arctic climate, has 2 separate access openings from the outside, an internal ceiling height of 2.7 m and is divided into 4 separate rooms:

  • 2pcs 10kV Switchgear rooms, housing 24pcs air-insulated 10kV switchgear units.
  • 1pcs DC-room, housing DC system with batteries and charging equipment for 110VDC.
  • 1pcs Engineering room, housing Communications & Remote operations equipment.

The full scope has been carried out in the form of turnkey contract by Boliden Electro AB in close cooperation with the customer. We subcontracted dozing and casting works, as well as the manufacture and stature of the steel frame.

Boliden Electro AB has in-house, with its own personnel carried out all design, investigations concerning the existing installation, all calculations and construction work relating to both electrical and civil parts as well as assembly, installation, testing and commissioning of the electrical equipment.

– It was a very interesting project to manage, especially when one knew how important it was for the customer that we did not cause involuntary interruptions of voltage supply, leading to disruptions in the Plant’s production. And since a large part of the project and critical work was carried out in absolute proximity of energized and operational sections of the Plant, this had to be focused on. And when all works involved were completed, and we were told by the staff operating with the Concentrator Plant, that they had not even noticed that we performed an advanced “switchgear transplantation”, you feel a great pride in being part of such a competent team, says Marcus Holmberg, Project Sales Executive & Project Manager at Boliden Electro.

Area of expertise: Electric power, Installation
Solution/Product: E-House
Contract: Turn-key
Start: 2017
Finished: 2018
Reference person Customer: Lars Grönfeldt, Boliden Mineral AB

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