ABB ltd, Amulsar Gold Mine

E-houses, High-& Low Voltage, Control room, Drive system and Automation cabinets.

During 2017 we delivered 5pcs E-house units to Amulsar Gold’s gold mine located at over 3000m asl (10 000ft) in Armenia from Boliden Electro AB.

  • Unit 220 – 8m x 2, 3m x 3, 4m – a Control Room with a complete ABB 800xA environment with two operator stations in a climate-controlled housing. By designing the E-house with a large window on one side, a nice working environment and atmosphere was established for the operators.
  • Unit 411-19, 7m x 3, 9m x 3m- an E-house with 6 KV distribution switchgear, 0, 4kV distribution switchgear and power panels, frequency converter, DC/UPS system, PLC/IO cabinet.
  • Unit 221 – 14, 8m x 7m x 3, 4m – Two E-houses that were designed to be docked together on-site in Armenia. In this way we were able to transport the E-houses on trucks. 6 kV Distribution Switchgear, 0.4 kV distribution switchgear and panels, frequency converters, DC/UPS system, PLC/IO cabinet.
  • Unit 241 – 8, 2m x 3, 2m x 2, 7m – an E-house with 0, 4kV distribution switchgear, frequency converters, DC/UPS system, PLC/IO cabinet.

By offering the customer a turnkey solution and a full F.A.T before delivery thanks to our E-house solutions, the distance was not a problem. With a well-thought-out manufacturing strategy, we at Boliden Electro AB could offer a total solution that was price competitive despite the fact that it was installed 4000 km from the place where it was manufactured.

The environmental conditions are different around the world, this particular place in Armenia is a seismic active zone. For this reason, we produced and presented complete analyses and calculations for all the delivered staircases, landings and E-houses.

With this documentation and analysis of climate and calculations regarding heat loss for the installed equipment, we along with our customer felt confident about the project.

– Several of the E-houses have equipment installed that emits a large amount of heat. This is cooled off by using equipment that is normally used in large freezer rooms and ensures that the installed equipment can operate in a reliable manner for many years to come. The transportation from Sweden to Armenia was by truck and passed several countries customs. This fact also requires for all the documentation supplied to be thoroughly prepared. The project in Armenia had previously experienced that equipment being shipped that was not mounted and/or not included in the checklists and material declarations, were often missing upon arrival at the final destination, says Chief Technology Officer Simon Bäckström at Boliden Electro.

Area of expertise: Electric power, Project management, Structural analysis
Solution/Product: E-House
Contract: Fixed price delivery
Start: 2017-02
Finished: 2018-02
Speaker: Kai Zierau, ABB ltd Switzerland

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